How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?

I heard this play on words when I was a kid in 6th grade. Truth is I didn't even know where Carnegie Hall was or what it represented. Was the question asking for road directions?... the answer later.


How To Take Care of Your Voice on The Road - The 10 Absolute Rules

Traveling and performing back to back shows can really take its toll on a singer. I once read that it's not always the gig that gets you, it's the  party afterwards. Following are my tips for significantly improving the success you so richly deserve...

  1. Have a vocal...


5 Tips For Using the Internet to Promote Your Voice

The Internet is by far the most amazing invention of the last decade. It's ability to communicate information is second to none. When I was a kid the only source of information was via books, and if you are old like me perhaps your family invested in the Encyclopedia Brittanica (been...


Singing In The Last Decade and Now

In my profession I get to meet a lot of singers. One of the ways that this happens is in Private lessons and another via the Workshops that I run. At these Workshops I always ask the following question of the audience... 'please put up your hand if you believe that the overall standard of...


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