5 Tips For Using the Internet to Promote Your Voice

5 Tips For Using the Internet to Promote Your Voice

The Internet is by far the most amazing invention of the last decade. It's ability to communicate information is second to none. When I was a kid the only source of information was via books, and if you are old like me perhaps your family invested in the Encyclopedia Brittanica (been around for 245 years and still commands a price of approx $1500.00). I use the term ' invested' as my memory recalls that it was purchased on a payment plan and took a great many years to pay off. It was usually displayed proudly in your living room and was a sign that said' in this house we care about education' Today we have instant access to the very latest information (they off course have an online version), no doubt much faster than they can print the books. Don't get me wrong these books remain magnificent examples of craftsmanship and I still prefer the ' tactile' feel of a book any day. With regards to the Internet, it seems like a hundred dollars or less will get you going. The web is the way to promote your product or service...make no mistake about how does this relate to singing?

With the amazing advent of the Internet there is access to karaoke tracks( good or bad) for just about every song on the planet. Lyrics are available at the touch of a button (even though you really should really write or type them out), there are chords to songs and sheet music to be purchased legally and printed there right there in front of you.There are also a number of folks who have become well known via the web (Taylor Swift is one that comes to mind). I love the web. It provides something that wasn't around when I started out in the late 1970's. When I was in my first original band seeking a record contract, I went armed with my cassette (yes you read it correctly) and knocked on the doors that were available (not too many in those days). Mainly the folks that we attempted to contact were the promoters of certain venues, potential managers and a handful of record company executives. In comparison today you can place your product on the web, email it to millions of people and have countless views on youtube. Right there that saves you invaluable time. I know that this idea is not exclusive and that it can be crowded, but it still is more effective. I do witness the postings on Youtube from folks that say ' me singing' such and such a song. Often these postings carry a little explanation like' it's my first attempt' or 'sorry I had a cold'. I have nothing but admiration for these folks who have sought out an outlet that allows them the opportunity to be seen..... Now if you are truly committed to getting yourself known you will no doubt be taking advantage of all social media etc, the plain truth is that it is just silly not too.

I have a few tips that I believe will help...

  1. Make sure that what you put up on you website etc is precisely a true representation of what you wish to portray. This can be the place to experiment but be careful
  2. Get an interesting design. These days there are numerous amounts of templates for website design and of course there are professional designers all over the world (check the web)
  3. Have something to give away. Some people offer a free download of a song, an App or a discount to a show etc
  4. Have a way of gathering information on the person visiting your site. An email address is plenty. That way you can send information about any performances that you have coming up or a new product etc...
  5. Schedule regular updates to your site and content. If you have outdated photos or recordings that you no longer wish folks to view...take them down.

Above all keep your ear close to the ground for the changes to this wonderful opportunity.

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