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Leigh McRae Interview

Press play above to listen to Vocal Mastery creator Leigh McRae discussing his approach to vocal mastery lessons!

Vocal lessons are such a personal thing. You need someone with the experience to assist you in your goals and dreams and a systematic approach with a proven track record. That is where we can help. For almost 30 years we have been obsessed by one question ' how to get the most out of a voice in a healthy manner that will reproduce results every single time'. That is why the Vocal Mastery System was developed.

The Vocal Mastery System has been embraced by thousands of singers in as many as 15 countries around the world. Now the opportunity to work one on one with the creator of the Vocal Mastery System is available to you, irrespective of location. Lessons are successfully conducted in a private studio environment or via Skype. Remember this, lessons are structured to suit YOUR needs.

Expect to learn the following...

  • How to effectively warm up and down to maximise your vocal health and have you singing for longer periods of time
  • How to systematically practice and measure the results
  • How to apply what you are doing in lessons 'directly' into how you sing and perform
  • How to style your singing appropriately to the genre of music that you wish to perform
  • How to become a first rate version of you, not a second rate copy of someone else

“My goal is that I become the last Voice Teacher that you ever need to see.” – Leigh McRae.

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