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With so many young guns like Jack Vigden wowing audiences, TV WEEK wonders how long their angelic voices will last. To find out, we catch up with vocal coach Leigh McRae (left).

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Leigh McRae will be a consultant at the Broadway Theatre Project in Florida in July....

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Leigh McRae mentioned in article about his students, the Tierney Brothers from Human Nature...

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Leigh McRae speaks about using the internet to educate his students Human Nature....

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    “I've worked with Leigh for six years now. In this time he has helped to build my confidence and continued to broaden and strengthen my voice and vocal range. I couldn't be happier with the results.

    Having to tour extensively over the last three years, playing at times six shows a week, it is extremely necessary that i am able to continue to deliver a quality and consistent vocal performance each night. With the constant guidance from... read more
    Christian Lo Russo (Lead Singer/Recording Artist) Amy Meredith
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    “Some say 'With knowledge comes power' and in Leigh's case he is a very powerful teacher. Leigh has not only helped me gain control of my voice but has also taught me many valuable techniques that I can use and apply for a life time of singing. Thank you Leigh, for all your support and guidance.

    ... read more
    Jessica Lingotti (Singer/Dancer/Performer) Burn The Floor
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    “I've loved working with Leigh. it's amazing how much he's improved my voice. Not only has my range increased but more importantly I feel that I have better control and my voice can sustain back to back concerts much better. ... read more
    Damien Leith
    Australian Idol Winner 2006, Recording Artist
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    “I took singing lessons with Leigh for the period leading up to the
    recording of my second album. The techniques I have learned in that short
    time have enabled me to sing with much greater confidence and freedom.
    Leigh was instrumental in helping decide recording keys and vocal approach,
    and I am super happy with the results. Most importantly, there has been a
    noticeable improvement in my singing - which I attribute to working withread more”
    Amber Lawrence
    Recording Artist