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What is mastery?

Mastery is the ability to reproduce the same or similar result EVERY time.  Look at anyone who has achieved incredible success in their chosen field … behind that you will find mastery of their craft or art form.  Another common trait of these people is an unswerving desire of constant and never-ending improvement.

If you speak to a singer who sings well (even though most singers don’t think that they sing well) and they have had a particularly good recording session or performance and you ask them “How do you know you have sung well?”, you will get an answer very similar to this: “It felt right”.  What they are talking about is not necessarily the audience or the sound (although those things do have an influence) they will say that physically, it felt right to them. This is what VOCAL MASTERY is all about. It’s about knowing your voice and knowing it to the point that you can be empowered with it so that you will be able to make further discoveries and greater improvements.

This program is set out in three stages, these being Function, Application and Performance.

  • Stage 1 is about the FUNCTION of the voice.  Here, we will establish things like vocal exercises, warming up, vocal health, assessing your voice and so on.
  • Stage 2 is about APPLICATION. Simply put, this is where you will apply what you have learned in your exercises into a song, also using a song as an exercise.
  • Stage 3 is where we move into PERFORMANCE. We will cover many aspects of performance such as how to select material, how to prepare for performances, recordings, auditions and so on.

Furthermore, in VOCAL MASTERY you will learn to use a definite cycle of singing, represented by the acronym "BASS":


The cycle repeats itself throughout the act of singing and is essential to VOCAL MASTERY. In essence, BASS reminds us that we must go through the process of taking a breath in, having animation in the voice, singing, stopping singing (or speaking), either releasing the breath or refilling to start again.   

In VOCAL MASTERY, there are 2 categories a singer falls into when learning to sing effectively. These are:

  1. Too MUCH vocal chord closure - Simply put, having too much vocal chord closure means that you are experiencing a feeling of getting tighter as you sing higher into your voice. A specific set of exercises are prescribed for these people.
  2. Too LITTLE vocal chord closure - Having too little vocal chord closure simply means the opposite, i.e. your voice is very breathy and weak. A different specific set of exercises are also prescribed for you.

Despite the differences in categories, VOCAL MASTERY is applicable to all voices. The practical and simple exercises you will receive in the book and on audio CD (or PDF and mp3 if downloaded digitally) will see you make discoveries with your voice that will give you results.  

We look forward to working with you while you are on your journey to "Giving Yourself the Gift of Discovering Your Voice".

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    “I've worked with Leigh for six years now. In this time he has helped to build my confidence and continued to broaden and strengthen my voice and vocal range. I couldn't be happier with the results.

    Having to tour extensively over the last three years, playing at times six shows a week, it is extremely necessary that i am able to continue to deliver a quality and consistent vocal performance each night. With the constant guidance from... read more
    Christian Lo Russo (Lead Singer/Recording Artist) Amy Meredith
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    “I took singing lessons with Leigh for the period leading up to the
    recording of my second album. The techniques I have learned in that short
    time have enabled me to sing with much greater confidence and freedom.
    Leigh was instrumental in helping decide recording keys and vocal approach,
    and I am super happy with the results. Most importantly, there has been a
    noticeable improvement in my singing - which I attribute to working withread more”
    Amber Lawrence
    Recording Artist
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    “I contacted Leigh about 9 months ago – having just been cast as ‘Joanne’ in Stephen Sondheim’s ‘Company’ at the Theatre Royal. Not having done a musical for 23 years I was in a mild state of panic and, as an ‘actor who sings’, was desperate for guidance and perhaps a miracle.

    Well, Leigh was my miracle personified. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have had Leigh’s expertise, kindness and skill to guide me through the process... read more
    Anne Looby
    Actor (and singer apparently)
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    “I've loved working with Leigh. it's amazing how much he's improved my voice. Not only has my range increased but more importantly I feel that I have better control and my voice can sustain back to back concerts much better. ... read more
    Damien Leith
    Australian Idol Winner 2006, Recording Artist