Prinnie Stevens (Singer, Songwriter and Recording Artist) The Voice Australia (Season 1) Thriller 'Live'

I started singing at age 8 and very quickly moved into the professional world of performing. I have been involved in all parts of the industry from backing vocals on major Australia tours to recording TV advertisements and competing in The Voice Season 1. Further to this I have recorded and released songs that have played on Australian Radio and TV. Through all of this I have found out how important it is to maintain my vocal technique. I achieve this by having regular sessions with my mentor and vocal coach Leigh McRae. When I am overseas and in need of a lesson or warm up for a show or recording session I love that we can do our lessons via Skype. The way Leigh tailors each lesson to my voice and my problem areas as they arise blows my mind every time. His expertise is second to none and I recommend to every singer I know to treat yourself to a one on one session! 


Paul Lines (Singer, Performer) 'Australian Bee Gees Show' Las Vegas Nevada

I was first introduced to Leigh back in 2000 and I remember doing two one hour lessons over the phone with him one week apart prior to going out to perform & both times singing better than I ever had prior. Basically that's the amazing thing with Leigh.. his ability to not only diagnose the problems I was having at the time but also his approach to providing me with the necessary tools to get me through my problem areas & beyond to perform at my optimum time & time again.. When I heard he had created The Vocal Mastery Program in 2004 I didn't hesitate to download it through his website & get started. Once again as before his teachings had me singing even better than I would've ever thought possible. Midway through last year whilst in residency at The Playhouse Theatre in Chicago with The Australian Bee Gees Show I had developed a sever chest infection and with only 4 days rehearsal turnaround time before heading into 8 shows a week I was suddenly beset with an entirely new problem I had never come up against before... phlegm build up on my vocal chords! Whilst I persisted with it for the next few days I inevitably messaged Leigh with a query as to whether he had any suggestions as to what the problem may be. Within ten minutes I had a reply from him wanting to discuss it and after a brief chat we scheduled a Skype session for the next day. After a 15 minute warm up procedure Leigh was able to tell me that I was actually not drinking enough water & within a few days of drinking LOTS of water to break down the phlegm I was not only back on top of my voice but also back 'on song' with the performance requirements of the show.

Thanks Leigh McRae.. I am eternally grateful for the gift you gave to me all those years ago that I'm now able to share with the world.


Asta Binnie (Song Writer/Recording Artist)

Leigh has developed my voice in such a way that now I have the strength and endurance to reach any goal, any time, any place. The time I have spent with Leigh has been time opening up my voice and polishing to a point of purity where I feel comfortable and free. Leigh is thorough and passionate, and makes every session fun and productive. From all the teachers I've had, Leigh is by far the best in the field.


Ashton Lash (Singer, Dancer and Performer) Hamilton

Leigh McRae is not only a singing teacher but a mentor. It doesn’t matter what outrageous questions I need to ask him, I know he will help me by giving me his honest and informed perspective about both my singing development and industry advice.

Leigh has helped me more than he will ever know.

Take advantage of his services while you can. I promise you won’t regret it


Sharnielle Hartley (Singer,Dancer and Performer) Burn The Floor

I have been lucky enough to have started my vocal lessons with Leigh McRae at the very young age of six. Seventeen years on and Leigh is so much more than a vocal coach. He is a friend, mentor, inspiration and teacher of countless invaluable life and industry lessons. Leigh has taught me how to conduct myself professionally, along with so many important lessons on how to give a vocally healthy, consistent, honest and well rounded performance every time I step out on stage no mater the circumstances and for that I am forever grateful.


Christian Lo Russo (Lead Singer/Recording Artist) Amy Meredith

I've worked with Leigh for six years now. In this time he has helped to build my confidence and continued to broaden and strengthen my voice and vocal range. I couldn't be happier with the results.

Having to tour extensively over the last three years, playing at times six shows a week, it is extremely necessary that i am able to continue to deliver a quality and consistent vocal performance each night. With the constant guidance from Leigh I have been able to achieve this.

He has taught me the basic tools to overcome and manage any situation vocally, which makes being in a live band and having to sometimes play disaster sounding venues a breeze. Apart from being an awesome singing teacher, Leigh is a rad, down to earth person & friend approaching each lesson with a great humility which makes turning up a pleasure each time.


Damien Leith
Australian Idol Winner 2006, Recording Artist

I've loved working with Leigh. it's amazing how much he's improved my voice. Not only has my range increased but more importantly I feel that I have better control and my voice can sustain back to back concerts much better.


Jessica Lingotti (Singer/Dancer/Performer) Burn The Floor

Some say 'With knowledge comes power' and in Leigh's case he is a very powerful teacher. Leigh has not only helped me gain control of my voice but has also taught me many valuable techniques that I can use and apply for a life time of singing. Thank you Leigh, for all your support and guidance.

Andrew Klippel (Producer/Songwriter) A.K. Soul; Human Nature; Euphoria; Managing Director – Engine Room Records

I feel that Leigh McRae is truly able to give an artist the freedom to be able to soar in the upper register of their voice. I have had considerable and successful results when an artist is reaching 70% of their capabilities and then comes back from Leigh, ready to give 100% performance to a song. Leigh, in my opinion, is the only singing teacher in Australia for artists who want to go all the way.

Andrew Tierney (Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist) Human Nature

I thought the only way to sing pop music was to still use a classical technique but do a few ‘bad’ things to make it sound right. Leigh showed me a completely new approach to singing so now the big notes I can sing in the studio, I can sing ‘live’ without a worry.


Amber Lawrence
Recording Artist

I took singing lessons with Leigh for the period leading up to the
recording of my second album. The techniques I have learned in that short
time have enabled me to sing with much greater confidence and freedom.
Leigh was instrumental in helping decide recording keys and vocal approach,
and I am super happy with the results. Most importantly, there has been a
noticeable improvement in my singing - which I attribute to working with


Anne Looby
Actor (and singer apparently)

I contacted Leigh about 9 months ago – having just been cast as ‘Joanne’ in Stephen Sondheim’s ‘Company’ at the Theatre Royal. Not having done a musical for 23 years I was in a mild state of panic and, as an ‘actor who sings’, was desperate for guidance and perhaps a miracle.

Well, Leigh was my miracle personified. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have had Leigh’s expertise, kindness and skill to guide me through the process of discovering my voice. He not only encouraged me and put up with my insecurities but taught me practical skills to enable me to perform a vocally very demanding role 8 times a week with relative ease. The show was a huge success and I owe that success to Leigh.

Thank you my friend, for your generosity, kindness and practical knowledge and guidance.


Casey Donovan
Winner Australian Idol/Recording Artist

I couldnt ask for a better vocal coach.Not only has Leigh helped my voice,but he has improved my learning for my instrument.

I can now do things I never thought possible.He has taught me techniques that will be with me forever, Thank you Leigh


Samantha Lau (Singer/Songwriter/Cast member of Miss Saigon Australian/New Zealand tour 2007/08)

Leigh is simply amazing. As a teacher, he isolates any issues or inconsistencies in the voice and helps his students to work through them in a constructive and practical way, at the same time encouraging and developing all the positive qualities in their voice. As a mentor, he is able to guide his students along the musical path they desire and give them advice, contacts and inspiration.Most importantly he has become a trusted friend in the last 5 years I have learnt from him.
Leigh’s Vocal Mastery technique is highly practical with proven results. The brilliance of the exercises lie in the fact they do not change your natural voice or force you to sing a certain style. Vocal Mastery allows the student to sing in a way that sounds and feels comfortable, protects the longevity of the voice, minimises vocal fatigue and maintains a smooth transition between chest, bridge and head voice supporting the singing of styles across the board. As a cast member of Miss Saigon, I perform 8 shows a week with no vocal fatigue. Thanks for everything Leigh!


Tammin Sursok

(Singer/Actor/Recording Artist) Home and Away, The Young and The Restless, Hannah Montana, Pretty Little Liars

Leigh has helped me throughout my career. He is an amazing vocal coach and also a great friend.


Kane Alexander-(Singer, Actor,Recording Artist)

Not only does Leigh McRae have a fantastic knowledge of the voice and how to get the best out of it, he is an incredible communicator ensuring that his students gain the same passion and desire to discover their voice as much as he does. His infectious enthusiasm and straight forward approach to singing facilitates rapid progress. He has helped me develop my voice to cope with long sessions on stage or in the studio.
Thank you Leigh!


Melinda Schneider (Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist;Golden Guitar Award,Creator of 'DORIS' more than the girl next door)

Leigh McRae is the kind of guy who is always there when you ask for his help. He really cares. He's a great listener, coach, mentor, teacher and friend.I have always felt extremely encouraged by him and his faith that anything is possible..it's like a breath of fresh air. I feel very lucky to have been taught by Leigh.His techniques really do work.


Steve McPherson (Music Pastor - Vocals, Hillsong Church Australia)

Leigh is a man with a passion for the development of singers, and to quality voice coaching. His skill and ability to bring the best out of singers is unmatched in this country and the Vocal Mastery program is a unique initiative that will allow more singers to benefit from his experience. Our team have benefited incredibly from Leigh's experience over the last few years and he is always very well received.


Hugh Clark (Performer/Producer/TV Presenter)

The voice is an extremely personal instrument - no two sound the same. It requires an extremely personal teacher with a personal approach to bring out the best in a person's voice. That someone is Leigh McRae! Leigh has a unique approach to vocal training, one that put quite simply gets results.


Juliet (Recording Artist, Singapore)

Leigh is a great teacher in more ways than one. Discovery lessons with him not only helped me get in touch with the passion I had in music and singing, but also gave me the courage and confidence to believe in my vocal abilities once again. He went straight to the tricky zones, and attacked my vocal difficulties immediately. Singing IS all about the joy and passion indeed, but not without proper guidance and reassurance. And Leigh is definitely the man to go for. And he is right, the difference between an A Grade Vocal Teacher and a B-grade (or lesser!) is the ability to communicate his/her ideas to their students. Leigh, thank you, you've done that and so much more.


Irene Caldis
(Recording Artist,Songwriter,Singer,Dancer)

Leigh is a fantastic teacher and friend who has inspired me to pursue my dreams.He has helped me in so many ways that words can't express how much I honour and respect him.Thanks Leigh for believing in me and guiding me down the right path.
Your help will never be forgotten.


Joi Chua
Recording Artiste, Singapore

Leigh possess great wisdom, passion and knowledge in singing and life.His accuracy in hearing and guiding vocals gives me the confidence to tackle vocal problems and scale even higher heights.The great thing about Leigh is that his humor and positivity never fails to rub off on me. He is truly an inspiring coach.


Kimi 'The Voice' Tupaea

Thanks again for the opportunity of being part of this project. It will bring joy to all who open their minds and hearts to the treasure trove of knowledge within.

God Bless and continued success.


Dave White (Singer/Songwriter/Performer)

310 gigs in 365 days (18.04.05 - 17.04.06)completed with ease and without vocal fatigue and with the ability to hit every note in my range night after night after night. Quite simply the 'Vocal Mastery System'

Ann Reinking (Actor/Dancer/Choreographer/Tony Award Winner and Artistic Director of the Broadway Theatre Project USA)

It is a pleasure to write that Leigh was a wonderful addition to the Broadway Theatre Project, the residential musical theatre program I co-founded in Tampa, Florida with Debra McWaters. I found Leigh to be a marvellous teacher. We look forward to his joining us again one day.

Joy Yates (Sing for Joy School; Jubilation Jazz/Gospel Ensemble)

I am so glad that you are indeed the person to develop the vocal program, Vocal Mastery. Being in my vintage years as an international artist and with almost 20 years as a vocal teacher and “life” coach to many emerging and established artists, it is a rare and absolute pleasure to meet and work with someone who honours the work of teaching the voice so highly. Your contribution to the last 3 years of the Global Vocal Focal program has been invaluable, greatly enlightening and for some, life changing. May you continue to inspire on your journey to Vocal Mastery. You honour the gift, Leigh.

Pat Maloney (Manager - Musicoz)

No other vocal coach produces the kind of results that Leigh McRae does with his singing students. Many times I have sent an enthusiastic beginner to Leigh and within six months he has worked miracles by turning a student into a powerhouse vocalist. Put simply Leigh McRae is the best vocal coach in Australia

Seth Riggs (Voice teacher to the Stars, Los Angeles, California USA)

Leigh has an outstanding ability to teach others and cares for his students … he is a rare bird.

Danielle DeLaite (Singer/Songwriter)

Leigh is a truly inspirational teacher. I am amazed at how much my voice has developed in less than 12 months of his tuition.

Gordon Hunte (Singer/Guitarist/Producer) Sade; Mid Nyt Sun

In today’s highly competitive market, very few people are successful without having a coach or mentor as a part of their support team. No top level sports or business person would expect to train themselves, they rely on someone with the knowledge, experience and objectivity necessary to keep them focused and on track.Leigh’s technical knowledge, experience, and motivational ability, make him a great vocal coach. He has changed forever the way I look at singing, music and life. I send all new members of my band to see him, and continue to consult with him myself.Leigh has earned and continues to command my maximum respect.

David Caplice (Artist Manager)Toni Pearon; Guy Sebastian; Shannon Noll; Human Nature; Sophie Monk; Managing Director - Caplice Management

Leigh McRae is one of the finest vocal technicians I have ever worked with. For the past 10 years I have sent all my artists to Leigh to help discover and develop their singing voices. Leigh has an innate ability to find 'the voice within' as well as being one of the most pleasant and professional individuals you could ever hope to work with.

Luke Dixon (Singer/Performer)

For a lot of male singers the time when their voice breaks can be the worst time of their lives, but Leigh helped me enormously through this stage by using exercises to work through the bridges of my voice and expand my range.

Bronwen Masters (Singer/Actor/Dancer) Beauty & the Beast

Leigh is my mentor. Through his passionate teaching of the Vocal Mastery technique, I have a deep understanding of my voice and its capabilities. His encouragement and general awareness of my ideals keeps me focused and ready to take on the world.

Michael McGlynn (Singer/Songwriter)

Leigh is the only singing teacher I have had who hasn’t tried to change my voice into something it’s not. He listened to what I wanted to achieve as a singer and it was a pleasure setting out to achieve it.

Maria Cauchi (Singer/Writer/Producer) Original Cast of Phantom of the Opera; Bilby Theatrical Productions

Leigh is a very supportive and generous teacher because he gives me confidence in my singing abilities. He has thrown many differing styles of songs at me which has been great for improving my vocal range and abilities and keeps me interested in practicing. Thanks Leigh!

Adrienne Angel (Broadway Theatre Project Vocal Coach, New York USA)

I wish we could kidnap Leigh to New York City. Musical theatre needs more teachers of his calibre. I am on the vocal faculty of the Broadway Theatre Project, and observed Leigh teaching the young people who come there in the summer. The students adored him, not only because he helped them improve their singing, but because he did it with grace and humour. Leigh is a master of vocal technique, and a master at teaching it. He inspires his students to be the best they can be.

Betty Schneider (Vocal teacher, Berkeley, California USA)

There are a few true masters of vocal technique on the planet at any one time. I have been fortunate to be in the presence of Leigh McRae, who I believe is one of them. His technique is a synthesis of centuries of vocal pedagogy and the most current scientific findings. His teaching method takes into account the psychology of the singer and carefully leads them into the mastery of their own unique and beautiful voice.

Randy Buescher (Voice teacher/Vocal therapist/Author, Chicago Illinois USA)

Leigh McRae is one of the most gifted singers, teachers and human beings I have ever had the privilege of knowing and working with. His knowledge of the voice, ability to impart vocal wisdom and truly caring nature make him a gift to his students, colleagues and friends. I am blessed to have worked with him and having him not only as a colleague but also as a friend. I highly recommend Leigh.

Tom McKinney (Voice teacher/Singer, Houston, Texas USA)

I cannot think of anyone I would rather endorse as a teacher, a friend, and colleague. I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Leigh McRae for several years and in that time I have found him to be among the finest vocal technique and style teachers it has been my privilege to meet in more than 30 years of teaching. Leigh has the skill to determine a student's vocal deficiencies and offer a precise path for changing for the better. He is kind and generous with his time and patient with his students. He is one of only three or four people in the world that I would study with personally. I have been a performer for more than 40 years and vocal instructor for more than 30, I work with such stars as Destiny's Child, RJ Helton, Ramiyah and Play. When and if they find themselves on tour and in Australia, I would send them to Leigh, because, quite frankly, he's the best.

Mary L. Walkley (Broadway Theatre Project Musical Director, Tampa, Florida USA)

Please consider this my wholehearted endorsement of Leigh McRae, as an excellent teacher of singing and as an excellent human being.

I have the honour of calling Leigh my friend. I met him at the Speech Level Singing Institute, a voice workshop in Los Angeles that I created with Seth Riggs. We invited some of the best voice teachers in the world to come and be part of our faculty. Leigh was one of the first to agree to come, even though the trip was expensive and arduous and the remuneration minimal. We are lucky he did agree to come, however, because he was invaluable. He provided our grateful students with great insights into singing technique and style, and did so with his wonderful sense of humour and his insightful wit. I had the great pleasure of working with Leigh there for five years, while I was the Program Director of that summer workshop.

I also invited Leigh to be part of another summer workshop which I helped to initiate, The Broadway Theatre Project. This is a training program in musical theatre, which takes place in Florida, which is even a longer trip for Leigh to make. Leigh, in his usual good humour, agreed immediately to come, and once there proved to fit right in with our faculty, and was an instant hit with the student population as well. His talent and his wonderful teaching made him popular and much sought-after. He has helped hundreds of young people learn to use their voices in a healthy and effective way, and to gain the confidence needed to sing.

On a personal note, Leigh McRae is a person of high integrity, kindness and generosity. I am proud that I know him, and extremely proud to be considered his friend.

John L Simpson (Director/Producer/Actor)

Leigh gives his students the courage to try and the technique to succeed.

Bill Kezelos (Drummer/Musical Director/Author of: “The Essential Guide to Reading Rhythm – For the serious musician”)

As the vocal director at Menai City Church, Leigh was an amazing communicator, team builder, goal setter and role model for not only the singers but the whole creative department. He was inspirational in his pursuit for excellence and display of positive energy. As a performer, Leigh always expresses the intent and emotion of the song with passion and authenticity. Leigh has a great outlook on life matched with an incredible sense of humour, which is appreciated when working under high pressure or difficult situations.

XuYuan (Singer, Singapore)

Hello my dear teacher! I am very happy and just wanted to share with you this...

I "switched" myself to a "silent mode" last Tuesday, that means no talking... I totally zipped my mouth ‘till Saturday. Then Saturday night I started to train my voice by doing all those exercises you taught me. Sunday morning I did that again and suddenly I got the head voice without any break in between... From chest voice to head voice, no gap! I haven't had that feeling since 2 years ago... I am really very happy!!

All along when I am teaching singing I hope to help people with their voice problems and I was so depressed when I had problems in my voice that I couldn’t get cured fast. That meant that I have been able to help people with minor problems but what if I meet someone with problem same as mine? I can't even convince myself that I will be ok...

Leigh, thank you so much for helping me to find something that I had lost forever... It really means a lot to me, you know, not only in singing - it's that gaining back of confidence and trust in myself... THANKS!!!